How do I pay rent?

Tamarack uses PAD (pre-authorized debit) to make things as convenient for our tenants as possible. This allows us to set up your rent payments to be automatically withdrawn from the account of your choice, eliminating the need for you to write monthly cheques.

When is my rent due?

Once your PAD is set up, rent payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month.

What if my payment is returned NSF?

If your rent payment is late or is returned NSF through the PAD, there is an automatic $50 late/NSF fee to cover bank costs, administrative costs, etc.

What utilities are included in the rent?

All our buildings include heat and water. Services such as power, cable, internet, etc., are generally the responsibility of the tenant to set up and pay directly. This is subject to some change from building to building and we encourage you to speak with the building manager when viewing a unit to understand the utility setup in a specific building.

How do I request maintenance in my unit?

If you ever have a minor issue in your unit and require maintenance, you can fill out a maintenance request form. These forms are sorted in priority order and will be sent to the appropriate person to handle your request.

What if it is an emergency maintenance issue?

If a situation needs immediate attention, i.e. a flood, leak, major damage, etc., the first thing you should do is contact the building manager and notify them of the issue. If the situation is of a serious nature, i.e. fire, the first call should always be to the appropriate emergency contact — 911.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, Tamarack will pay $100 to any current tenant who refers a new tenant who signs a year-long lease.

How much notice do I have to provide when moving out?

We require a full calendar month's notice for any month-to-month lease for a move-out. This allows us time to organize all the paperwork and documentation, cancel your PAD agreement and make sure the unit is in an acceptable condition upon your vacating the unit.

What if I can’t give notice?

If you do not provide written notice upon a move-out, you will still be required to pay the additional month's rent for the notice period.

What happens to my deposit?

We require you to provide 1 month's rent as a damage deposit. We hold this amount until such time as you move out. At that time, this amount will be returned to you upon successful completion of a move-out inspection with the building manager.

What if there is damage in my unit when I move out?

Any damage in your unit when you move out will be withheld from your damage deposit. We ask that tenants leave the unit in the same condition as when they moved in.

Can I smoke in my unit?

No, Tamarack does not allow smoking in any of our units. This is for the safety and well-being of all our tenants. Smoking is restricted to outside the building, away from entrances in designated areas only.

How do I make a complaint?

Your first contact will always be the building manager. They will be able to assess every situation and decide if outside assistance is necessary to solve the issues.

How do I apply for a unit?

Applying is easy, just fill out the application form. Once you have submitted your application, a building manager for your desired property will contact you if/when there is an opening.

Does Tamarack offer any incentives to renting an apartment?

Yes. Tamarack has partnered with local businesses in the area to offer different perks and discounts for our residential tenants. Our partner businesses can be found on our partner page.

Is parking included in the rent?

We provide surface-level parking for each unit. We do offer additional parking (some underground, some electrified surface) for an additional charge. Speak to your building manager about what options are available at your building.

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